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Whether you are coming alone, with your family or as a group of friends, we have the perfect ski lesson for you.

Private lessons

1 or 2 skiers

*Private Lessons*

First timer or advanced skier: all attention goes to you so you can maximize your progress and fun. The lesson is completely tailored to your skills and your personality.

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Family Lessons

3-6 people

*Family Lessons*

The instructor will organize the lesson in the most efficient way possible, depending on your skills and age differences. You’ll be guaranteed a fantastic family experience.

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Group Lessons

3-6 people

*Group Lessons*

If you want to learn to ski with your friends or just become a better skier and do it in a more affordable way, this is your best choice. We offer a fixed rate for 3-6 people.

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Kids Lessons

From 3 years

*Kids Lessons*

Let your kids become addicted to a beautiful and exciting sport. With our ski lessons they will learn to ski in a responsible and safe way. From 3 years old.

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Improve your technique with a 2h lesson or spend the day discovering the mountain.

2h lesson

901 adult/kid
  • 2 people: 100€
  • Group (3-6 people): 120€
  • Posibility of 1h (1-2 skiers)

3h lesson

1251 adult/kid
  • 2 people: 140€
  • Group (3-6 people): 175€
  • Family (3-6 people) 175€

Half day (4h)

1601 adult/kid
  • 2 people: 165€
  • Group (3-6 people): 195€
  • Family (3-6 people): 195€

Full day (7h)

2601 adult/kid
  • 2 people: 280€
  • Group (3-6 people): 310€
  • Family (3-6 people): 310€

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Snow is a big part of Swedish culture

Come and ski with our Scandinavian instructors!

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