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Terms and conditions


1. Make sure the information on you booking confirmation is correct. Any doubts or errors should be e-mailed to or by giving us a call to +34 619 69 06 61.

2. If you just have paid the deposit of your reservation it should be fully paid directly to your instructor at the meeting point. We do prefer all payments by card or bank wire, so we don't have to mess with cash and change in the slopes. Refund policy will be exactly the same no matter if you have pre paid by card/wire or not. 

3. Skiing Abilities: In lessons where more than 1 person takes part it's the responsibility of all taken part that that their skiing levels are similar. When levels are different the instructor always has to adapt the teaching to the lower level which in the end will reduce the speed of progress and also give less value for money for those with a higher level. In these situations we can't offer any refunds since we haven't got enough information from the clients.  

4.Children & Adults: Generally (especially the younger ones) do lear quicker without their parents. Teaching technique is completely different for children and adults. Also smaller children tend to get more distracted by having another family member near  which leads to less progression. However, we do offer the family lessons where you get to ski with your kids, even though the instructor might leave the parents on their own for a bit of the lesson to get som quality teaching only with the kids. When booking are made not respecting this advice, we accept no claims or do any refunds. 

5: Children 3-6: Fort the smallest one we do strongly recommend to start with a one to one private lesson. If you are in a family lesson with very young members our instructor will probably teach them separately for a little while at least.  

6. Swedish Instuctors: Our instructors are bilingual or trilingual. Being English, most likely you will have a Swedish instructor speaking very good English to you. Being Swedish, we will make sure you get a Swedish Instructor speaking Swedish to you. If you are Spanish, our Swedish instructors speak excellent Spanish so you can get the lesson in Spanish if you don't want to be a little adventurous and have it in Swedish :)

b) Busy periods: Where demand dictates (especially during, but not limited to, the Christmas/New Year, February half term and Easter holiday periods), we may have to sub-contract instructors from other ski schools. Where this occurs, we ensure that only the best English speaking and professional instructors are sourced according to availability based on our personal acquaintance of them. We make no further guarantees relating to their actual language fluency. Upon reservation, you will not be confirmed your actual instructor unless specifically requested by name and confirmed as available. However irrespective of this, we reserve the right to change the instructor reserved without prior notice to effectively cover demand requirements and in the event of illness or other such situations resulting in the instructor not being able to take the class.


1. Booking Deposit:50% of the total amount is required as prepayment to confirm any tuition. This is payable by bank transfer to one of our Swedish, Spanish or German bank accounts. You can also pay by card and PayPal. We do recommend to pay in full for your lesson in advance. Refund policy will be exactly the same and you won't have to hassle with money on the day of your lesson. 

2. Balance Payments: Will be made upon arrival if not full payment have been done before. This you have to pay directly to your instructor at the meeting point in cash ONLY and we can't guarantee we have change. So we strongly prefer to take payment by bank transfer or card payment.  

If you just have paid the deposit of your reservation it should be fully paid directly to your instructor at the meeting point. We do prefer all payments by card or bank wire, so we don't have to mess with cash and change in the slopes. Refund policy will be exactly the same no matter if you have pre paid by card/wire or not. 

Cancelation & Refunds:

1. Any cancelation made within 7 days of the first class date will result in a total loss of the deposit paid. Cancelations made between 7-14 days prior to the first class will result in a 50% refund of the deposit paid. Cancelations made 14 days or earlier prior to the first class will give you a full refund  apart from a 5€ administration fee.

2. Cancelations During Your Stay: Once confirmed and paid, you are obliged to take part in the classes or at least find a suitable replacement to fill your slot. The full amount will be witheld in either case. 

3. Lift Closure/Poor Weather Conditions: In the event of adverse weather conditions resulting in the closure of the ski lifts, the Swedish Ski School will try to to re-allocate your classes on subsequent days according to current availability at the time. If that isn't possible or convenient you will get a full refund.  Where the ski lifts are working in spite of poor weather conditions, all classes will continue as scheduled. The decision by the client to abstain from classes due to poor weather does not entitle you to a refund of any kind although, where available, classes may feasibly be postponed to an alternative day/time.

4. Accidents: In the event of an accident resulting in you having to cancel the rest off your classes you will get a full refund but we will ask you for a doctors certificate. 

5. Children: Children often have to break during a class due to the climate and high altitude effects. If they have not eaten or drunk anything for a while, these effects can be magnified significantly. We provide no refunds for any breaks having to be taken as this simply forms part of looking after the child and ensuring their wellbeing. 

6. Sickness: In the event of sickness, refunds for subsequent classes not taken will be issued as per point number 4 and as long as we have been notified at least 12 hours before the next class is due.

7. No Shows: Irrespective of the reason, not showing for a lesson will result in the loss of the full fee for the class.

8. Cash, Bank Transfer and Credit Card Refunds: We will refund you your money in the same way we took the payment. For security reasons we prefer not handling cash. 


1. In the event you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your tuition received, we urge you to let us know immediately, in person at our office base so that we may look into the matter and, where applicable, offer a suitable resolution. Refer to point number 8 on how to contact us as well as your email correspondence and booking confirmation documents. 

2. We accept no liability, except purely as a source of feedback, for complaints received more than 24hours after the tuition has been taken.

3. When there is no solution and Swedish Ski School is clearly at fault, we will offer a full refund for any tuition not taken.