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What is the difference between a family lesson and a group lesson?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

In the family lessons it’s very likely that the members of the group have different levels, while in the group lessons everybody has a similar level.

We do prefer that you have similar skills/levels if you book a private group lesson. If not, the learning process is going to take a bit longer time and you are better off with a family lesson, even if you just are going with a few friends.

For the group lesson we have set a minimum of 2h, while the minimum length of a family lesson is 3h.

What does it mean that the family lessons have a flat rate?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

It means that price is the same whether you are 3, 4, 5 or 6. It only depends on the number of hours you book.

Where can I rent my equipment?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

We recommend “Alquiler Esquís Jose Luis Sáez” (check location and contact details here). It’s a family run rental shop conveniently located in front of Sierra Nevada offices (40m from both cable cars). No need to pre-book.

Show our booking confirmation to receive a 20% discount off the equipment/clothes rental price. Young children will receive a helmet to use free of charge.

Note: though poles are included in the price, we do not recommend using them if you are a beginner.

How do we organize de lesson? Do I need to call you after I book it online?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

No, you don’t have to. We will send you all necessary information by e-mail (our meeting point, your schedule, a voucher to rent your equipment…) In case we need something else we will contact you. If you have some questions you are always welcome to contact us of course.

Please don’t print your booking confirmation (our instructors have the schedule in advance). You can bring the confirmation e-mail on your phone, just to make sure that we not are messing anything up.

Can I cancel my lesson?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

Yes you can, but we need to know it 7 days in advance. Any cancelation made within 7 days of the first class date will result in a total loss of the deposit paid (50% reservation).

If the ski lifts are closed you’ll get a full refund for you lesson.

What does it mean that group lessons have a fixed rate?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

Prices shown are not per person, but for the whole group. The price of a group lesson is the same whether you are 3, 4, 5 or 6. It only depends on the number of hours you book.

We want to book a group lesson. Should we all have the same level?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

It’s better if you are on a similar level to get out as much as possible of your lesson. If you not are on a similar level and still want to have class together we recommend you to book a family lesson instead. Even if you not are family.

What happens with my lift pass if the ski lifts are closed?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

If the ski lifts are closed you’ll get a full refund for you lesson. You will also get a refund for your lift pass from Cetursa. For that you need to go to the ticket windows located at “Plaza de Andalucia”.

Is there any daycare/crèche center at the ski resort?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

There are several options for families who travel with children:

  • Pradollano Children’s Play Center (“El Cole de la nieve”): from 4 months to 6 years old.
  • “Family Kids Club”: from 3 to 12 years old.
  • “Children’s Alpine Garden”: from 3 to 5 years old.

Check prices and locations here.



Is there any locker/equipment storage at the ski resort?2022-08-13T11:17:55+02:00

Yes, there are two storage areas: one is located in Pradollano (behind the “Al-Andalus” gondola) and the other one is in Borreguiles (inside “Borreguiles” gondola gallery). Check prices and exact location here.

I’m a first timer/beginner. Do I have to buy a ski pass?2022-09-02T14:34:00+02:00

Yes, you do. Beginner slopes and moving carpets are located in Borreguiles area. To access that area and use lifts and carpets, you need to buy a lift pass.

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